Become a Moderator

There are different roles such as: Room Moderator, Room Administrator, Site Moderator, Site Administrator. As a Room Moderator you can: Delete a specific chat post, Mute/Unmute a user. If you're accepted do you accept to start off as a Room Moderator?

Do you agree to not abuse the power that is given for any personal reasons, or an advantage to help you in any way? Example: You have a boyfriend/girlfriend on the chat, a new person comes in starts chatting with them. As long as no one is causing problems there will be no power abuse or control over power that go purposely your way.

15 + 7 =

Moderators of is to enforce the rules, help users, etc! Moderating users, content isn’t easy.

*Never ask/beg to become a moderator, it is the best way to never become one.

*Your actions, how active you’re┬áin chat will determine how fast your moderator application is accepted.

*Moderators are humans and mistakes happen. If you made a mistake own up to it. It’s best to tell the truth vs lie.

iHearCU is looking for Smart/Intelligent, Active & Helpful Moderators. If a Moderator breaks the rules will be suspended / removed.

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