Our new chat is online and works on PCs/Mac, Mobile/Tablet devices. Please note it doesn’t have Audio/Video at this time.
As we know there is no Audio/Video support yet, we feel this is a better and more secured system. If users enjoy it we will do our best to bring in new features such as Audio/Video, etc! If you wish to help out with any feature requests, ideas, etc! Send MikeM a PM in chat. We will do what we can. If you wish to support us financially, development isn’t cheap and can donate $1, $5, etc! per month. It will help pay those who make things better for you.

Lets begin: Click Here to use the new Chat.

Welcome to iHearCU.com

iHearCU.com is a FREE voice, video and text chat community that brings people together for ages 13+. We hope you enjoy your stay at iHearCU. Don’t forget to spread the love and invite your friends, family, etc! Let’s get this place rockin’ with lots of FUN!

Chat Benefits:

  • 100% FREE!
  • Registration is NOT required.

iHearCU Chat

Join our iHearCU Chat Community by logging in.

Chat Rules:

Our service is for anyone ages 13+. So there are very few and simple rules to follow.

Rules to follow are:

  • Respect all Chat Members, Staff & Moderators / Volunteers.
    Simple enough right? Treat everyone with respect just as you would want the same in return.
  • Please refrain from using foul language in General Chat.
    This is what user created rooms are for.

    Simply keep it to a minimum or move it to an 18+ room.
  • What goes on in your room must stay in your room.
    What goes down in your room simply just stays in there.
  • No room raiding.
    Don’t go into rooms to cause problems, if your welcomed in the room and you dislike another user, do not socialize or cause issues to make the matters worse.
  • No bad room name creation.
    There is no need for this especially if it is to target another user on the site, etc!
  • Recording another users video and or taking screenshots is NOT ALLOWED.
    Simply just as it says.
  • Teens.
    Ages (13-17) must wear clothes at all times. Nudity / Sexual conduct is NOT ALLOWED; that includes posting pictures, website URLs, etc! Moderators / Volunteers will check “webcams” randomly to make sure rules are followed.
  • No threatening / harassing / stalking others.
    Simply just as it says.

These rules will be enforced for each and every user.

Tips / Notes

  • NEVER give out your personal information such as: Where you live, Where you work, Your Phone Number, etc!
  • All user created rooms are moderated by the room creator. Your room, your rules!
  • If another user is causing problems or being annoying simply use the ignore/block feature. You may also REPORT the user include screenshots if possible and our Staff, Moderators / Volunteers will review and take action accordingly.
    They will get the point that they’ve been ignored.
  • We would appreciate if all Chat Members put their real year of birth in their profiles. (Not Enforced) However room owners may ask you to put your real year of birth.
  • There will be NO discussions of committing suicide or any other form of self harm in the main chat PERIOD.
    Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. They are available 24 hours everyday.
  • Please DO NOT give out your password to anyone. Our Staff & Chat Moderators / Volunteers will NEVER ask for this information.
    By doing so is a violation and nor can your account be recovered.
  • Please DO NOT upload nudity photos as your profile picture.
    These types of photos / images will be removed by a site administrator if the user fails to comply.

iHearCU Owner:


iHearCU Moderators:

Our Admins / Mods have the right to remove content, and or silence a user in chat that they feel violates the rules of iHearCU.


Click Here to become a moderator.

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