Alert! has been copied / cloned / altered. Please note that we are NOT affiliated with This website is a cloned-altered / copy of our site. We’ve received reports of the owner of ihearcu.tkĀ asking kids 12+ for NUDES. This is disgusting and is child porn. We at is doing everything in our power to have the site and domain removed.

Our new chat is online and works on PCs/Mac, Mobile/Tablet devices. Please note it doesn’t have Audio/Video at this time.
As we know there is no Audio/Video support yet, we feel this is a better and more secured system. If users enjoy it we will do our best to bring in new features such as Audio/Video, etc! If you wish to help out with any feature requests, ideas, etc! Send Mike M a PM in chat. We will do what we can. If you wish to support us financially, development isn’t cheap and can donate $1, $5, etc! per month. It will help pay those who make things better for you.

Lets begin: Click Here to use the new Chat.

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